Impressive is true to their name. These are not just glasses, they are an invitation to share your best self to the world. I inquired about glasses that were different and colourful and fun, most sent me online. Boy are they wrong! If your glasses don't fit right, you know it. Other eye wear places had the same boring rims. If you have to wear something everyday, and for years it must be comfortable. Glasses need to be custom fit, and for me, I want them to be fun.The right glasses do give you confidence! I was immediately impressed when I met Megan. Her own glasses were stylish and fun and she explained in detail what I needed to know and what my choices are and why. But what is (Impressive) is the selection of amazing modern, colourful choices! Even kids have cool glasses!

Susan Martin

Outstanding service – thank you!  I am from Northern BC and thought I should visit Impressive Eyewear as I was looking for something different.  I was delighted to see the store offers a wide variety of frames – truly something for everyone!  Gisele patiently devoted a lot of time to enable me to try on a wide range of frames, and took pictures using software designed inhouse.  Using this software provides you with the ability to compare all the frames you tried.  Gradually you exclude frames – leaving you with one or two to choose from.  Working with Gisele and her team has been such a pleasure.  I have been wearing glasses for more than thirty years and Gisele and her team can be commended with their professionalism and their friendliness!  Not only were the frames a good choice, but the suggested lenses were remarkable. 
I would highly recommend Impressive Eyewear if you are looking for good service and something different.
Renata C

Recently I purchased a pair of glasses from Impressive Eyewear in Surrey B.C. I chose Impressive Eyewear because they are the only the Optical Boutique in lower mainland that sells Zenka Frames with interchangeable clips that you can easily turn one pair of glasses into many different and funky personal styles. I decided to take the big leap from readers to progressives. I found the transition very challenging but Gisele and her team worked patiently and professionally with me to ensure that I was 100 percent happy with my purchase.

I am so delighted to have found Impressive Eyewear. Not only do they offer an incredible selection of frames, they provide a high level of expertise and professional service.

It’s worth the trip from Vancouver to Impressive Eyewear!!!

Pam B

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Your Store!!!
Gisele and Megan are the best! This is by far the best retail eyewear company I have ever found. This mother and daughter team absolutely know their business. They give great advice and their product selection is fabulous. There's no hard sell and their patience is endless.

I am now wearing the Face & Cie line from Zenka with interchangeable clips that create a new
look with each clip.
The HD lenses from Hoya that Gisele recommended....what a treat! My eyes go "aaah" every time I put them on! And their in-house optometrist is excellent too. I can't recommend them highly enough. You won't be disappointed.
Thanks so much!
Judi A

Thank you so much to Megan Young Johnson at Impressive Eyewear for working with us when our daughter was given a prescription for glasses.
This was all new to us and Megan made it such a positive experience! She is knowledgeable and the service was top notch! We could not have asked for a better experience!

TIffany C.

I recently came in to Impressive Eyewear looking for new lenses and frames that would suit my practice as a full time fine artist.  Gisele provided me with first class, personalized service and listened carefully to my desire for lenses that would allow me to see line, colour, depth and perspective with perfect fidelity.  It is critical to my livelihood that my clients not see my art better than I do! 

Gisele recommended Hoya iD Mystyle2 and I am glad that I followed her advice.  I’ve put these lenses through their paces in varying light conditions, and by looking critically at everything from painting subjects off in the distance to the fine print on my tubes of paint. I’ve found that these lightweight lenses have exceptional clarity and sharpness, and are simply the best lenses I have ever had. 

Gisele also patiently helped me select a frame, and understood that my frames don’t just hold lenses, but also should reflect who I am.  I know that my new frames are distinctive and stylish because I’ve received lots of complements both from people who know me and from total strangers.  My new lenses and frames are a great combo and I am thankful for Gisele’s professional guidance in getting me there.      

 D Paluck.

2016 Started with my teens, one pair each, then Dave and I each bought two at the anniversary sale. I can't thank you enough for  helping me pick out two pairs of glasses that I would have never considered on my own. Even on a busy day, I never felt rushed  to make a decision.  Your unique camera system made it possible for my 14 y/o to see herself in different options before she chose the funky ones.  That was a first for her. With such a strong prescription, we had to take cell phone demo pics for her in the past so she could  put her glasses back on to look at herself on a tiny screen. Your system, with full sized pictures and two different angles  displayed on the monitor made her choice actually her choice.  I would recommend Impressive Eyewear if you want unique styles and great customer service. With some great advice from  Gisele and Megan, you might just surprise yourself with a whole new look.

Kerry L

Hello Ladies!
 Thanks again for all of your help on Saturday. We loved our experience with you both. You both were so easy going and friendly and I felt like I had known you guys forever. It's nice to meet people like you.

 We went to Impressive Eyewear to have our 3 month old sons eyes looked at after it was suggested there might be something wrong with one of his eyes. We had been referred there, by a friend of my husbands, when he had needed new glasses a few months ago. Our experience with Megan at the time had been so great that this was the first place we thought of going when we decided to have our sons eyes looked at. I ended up having an eye exam as well since we were there. Dr. Modi was warm, friendly and knowledgeable and offered some great advice for some things I could do to help my tired (new mom) eyes. As for my son, I was reassured that there didn't appear to be anything wrong with his eye. The biggest thing that I really liked about Impressive Eyewear is how warm and friendly Gisele and Megan are, not only with myself, but my whole family. We definitely felt welcomed. We will continue to recommend Impressive Eyewear to anyone and everyone! Sorry again for all the little finger smudges on the glass!!

Cheers, Alissa

"I could not be happier with the service I received at Impressive Eyewear. The time and thoughtfulness of the staff addressing my concerns made my experience in the selection of my eyewear one that was beyond my expectations. I would recommend Impressive Eyewear to anyone looking for quality eyewear and service."

Garry W.

I decided this time around to check out a Eyewear store where you actually get to talk to a person.
 I love the advice and information given by Gisele Klein and her daughter. The store is Impressive but also the owner Gisele and her daughter are impressive. They are down to earth and very professional and make you feel at home :-) very big plus for me.
 I found glasses there that are one of a kind and I chose glasses for people who love to think outside the box. The selection they carry is impressionable. I would certainly recommend anybody to at least check them out. Thanks so much Gisele and family ♥

Joland S.C.

  I came in for an eye examination and was happy to be reassured by Dr. Modi that my eyes were healthy though my prescription had  changed slightly. The fun began with the frame selection. With a smile wink and a laugh, I told Gisele your frame selections are "impressive". With the  use of their Digital Camera system to help with the selection of my frames, it was easy to make my final choices of frames, a Mizyake  for a conservation look, Vittoria by Pierre for my true self, and Faby by Roger for my sunglasses. 
The Impressive Eyewear team certainly did stand by their motto " we'll impress you, you'll impress others". I left the store with a huge  smile on my face. When I wear my orange Pierre frames and my sunglasses, people stop me to ask where I got my glasses.

 Marcella K  

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